The customers had a printed concrete driveway but were not entirely happy with the finished product due to the following issues:

  • Slippery in winter – concrete is a non-porous surface and so ice quickly formed on the driveway, made even more hazardous since the driveway sloped downhill towards the house.
  • Varnish peeled and faded – traction from car tyres had caused the surface to peel and fade which resulted in the driveway starting to look tired after only two summers.
  • Underside of vehicle catching on the camber – where the driveway met the pavement it was catching the underside of vehicles.

We altered the front slightly to fix the camber issue, added in more drainage and used the concrete as a base for the resin. The customer wanted to keep the design on the driveway, which was stamped in to the concrete, so we had a 2m x 2m compass stencil made by Contact Fabrications. This was bolted to the surface and a lighter colour poured here and on the borders, before the main, darker, colour was poured.