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Verus Construction LTD


Job Description: Carry out tarmac and resin works for Verus Constuction LTD.

on behalf of their client. 40 x ton of 20mm base coat tarmac was laid prior

to a UV stable resin bound finish.


Due to the size of the area more manpower was required to achieve a seamless

resin finish. We needed 2 x mixers running simultaneously,

with a gang of 10 men and the job was completed in 6 hours. 


Area: Leeds, West Yorkshire


Size: 320m2

Job Description: Excavate existing driveway, lay MOT type 1 hardcore,

concrete in new edgings, lay tarmac base coat and SMA surface course.


This job was attention to detail and had to be done in a strict time frame

due to the customers requirements. Existing driveway excavated required depth,

waste removed off site, 150mm MOT type 1 limestone laid and compacted

with roller, 60mm base coat tarmac and 40mm surface course of SMA tarmac. 


Customer supplied natural stone sets from Johnsons Wellfield Quarry

which we installed 4 x rows of at front leaving a 10mm gap in between the joints,

also a 4m stone lintel was installed at the back of the property. 


The tarmac had to be laid on a hot day as the job needed a seamless finish,

SMA ( stone mastic asphalt ) needs to stay hot to achieve this on this type of layout.


Finally black epoxy grout was used to point up the gaps in the stone sets. 

Area: Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Size: 75m2 

Job Description: Excavate and remove existing driveway and patio,

Lay MOT type 3 sub base, lay open grade tarmac base coat,

install electric lights to both sides of driveway,

build front and rear bull nose steps supplied by Marshalls,

UV stable resin finish in 2 x colours.


The customer had this particular design in mind which we were able to achieve

after several site visits and planning. The frontage of the property needed

a modern look as a final part of modernising the entire house. 


Area: Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire


Size: 120m2

Job Description: Excavate and remove existing driveway, patio and front lawn.

Supply and install Plaspave 50 block paving in brindle, lay artificial lawn,

build new steps, replace existing manholes.


A total overhaul, the customer wanted a new driveway and artificial lawn laying

as they no longer wanted and maintenance or to cut the grass.

There were several manholes on the driveway we had to replace which were

challenging and intricate to achieve the desired finish.

We also built a new step using Plaskerbs, laid an artificial lawn and replaced

some fence panels. Finally kiln dried sand was bruised into the joints and sealed. 


Area: Wrenthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire


Size: 60m2 driveway and 55m2 artificial lawn. 

Job Description: Excavate and remove existing driveway,

lay MOT type 3 sub base, lay open grade tarmac, lay natural stone edgings

to create path. UV stable resin finish in 2 x colours. 


This job was a period cottage located in a semi rural area so we had to maintain

the character of the property working on a design with a path running through

the middle. 


The edging stones for the path were sourced from a local quarry, they were then

installed from the garden gate curving round to the garage to distinguish a path. Blocks were used instead of beading to maintain a natural look.

2 x heritage blends of resin were then used, a lighter colour for the path and

a darker colour for the main driveway to blend in with the Yorkshire stone

and natural surroundings. 



Area: Southwark, West Yorkshire


Size: 115m2

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